Latest Bitcoin price chart up to 24th May 2013

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I post this as something, at last, happens. Though the past 7 days (almost precisely) have seen the most stable BTC price since just before the 20-fold rise, some would say stability is boring: a week is a long time in the cryptocurrency markets and few would buy into the cliche that, "No news is good news."

With my last chart of May 16th, I was all but ready to throw away my "blue line" trend showing 1.86% average daily growth between January and March of 2013. Did it cease to be meaningful as a trend to predict future performance by as soon as that daily growth spiked to 4, 5, 6% day on day? Perhaps not, as twice on the recovery it seemed to bounce off a line parallel but below my blue line.

If you've seen my charts before you'll know I'm no soothsayer. I don't like to predict prices because...well I don't think I'm not very good at it. If ever I produce a chart solely for the purpose of bragging how prescient I am, you'll know about it. Hey, if you're feeling prescient yourself, tell me when I'll do it

As a side-note, today's rise happened at EXACTLY the same time I took the bulk of my Bitcoins off of the two exchanges I use and placed them into cold storage. It prompted one of those moments where I look over my shoulder, quickly, full of paranoia, ready to catch a wayward cameraman running out of view, a la the Truman Show. I didn't spot any but I'm still not convinced.

Disclaimer: the disclaimers are back.

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May 8th: Relative weekly BTC/USD trade volume between the two biggest exchanges: MtGox and BTCe.

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