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Who is this Tony Coleby Bloke then?

Yeah, who is Tony Coleby and why should I care?

Well I can’t be sure. Maybe you’re looking for a photographer in Cambridgeshire. Maybe you know me and didn’t believe I was actually a photographer. Well ha! I am, see – look around I did all this stuff. Maybe you ended up here randomly. In which case hello! Come in, sit down, would you like a cup of tea?

If my wife were to describe me she’d say, “What now?” If pressed with “Yes it’s for the blog!” she’d say, “Fine. OK he’s this bloke, he takes photos. He sometimes writes stuff. He’s probably not as funny as he thinks he is. He’s REALLY into light in a big way. It’s his favourite thing apart from music.”

This is the part of the site I will use as an aside for my thoughts on photography and indeed art in general. I will share some tips and tricks too as well as some primers on digital photography being as I am a sometime tutor on these matters. I will also share some of the images I have produced in my forays off the beaten path of my years as a working photographer and hobbyist as well.

Gloomy Saturday at King's Cross ©Tony Coleby 2016
Gloomy Saturday at King’s Cross ©Tony Coleby 2016